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Top 4 Personal Training Companies, And Why They're Successful


The personal trainer business is in growing demand as people are keener to maintain themselves in peak form and health. Although, most of the times, especially for youngsters, the film superstars and their six pack abs form the source of inspiration, the majority of the people nowadays are shifting towards making their body more balanced in terms of strength, flexibility, composition and cardio. The increased demand for personal trainers has led to personal training companiesan influx of personal training companies in large number during the past decade.

Check out the list of the four best personal training company’s right here:

1. Bill Phillips –The Transformation solution

The Transformation solution is the topmost personal training companies around and is owned by Bill Phillips, the author of Body-for-Life, the New York Times Best Seller. The company has reached the top slot owing to the zest and intense campaigning from Phillips whose programs majorly concentrate on scientific studies. Millions of people have become healthier as well as lighter through his exercises and dietary recommendations. Worldwide publications through television and internet have enabled the company to reach the top slot within short time. Some of his concepts such as The Bio-Balance Solution, Serotonin connection, and specialized Transformation Solution Program have enabled people to reach their desired level of fitness while providing weight loss tips and best practices.

Stepwise program

  • Fun activity program that requires a person to give 2% of time each week! This program stresses that working for hours in gym is not necessary to get amazing results.

  • Introduction to scientifically balanced and safe way to eat right and still nourish your body without undergoing any starvation  

  • Step by step guidance plan for overcoming unhealthy thoughts, addictive habits and emotional blocks that take you off from fitness track


Today internet has become the most prominent vehicle for reaching worldwide potential customers and generating extraordinary success., is one of topmost personal training companies around run by the ‘hotbod’ Ryan Lee himself. Starting as an online guidance site for fitness in 1999, in the past decade the company has grown into a million dollar empire. Worldwide publications including two famous books, ‘Turn your passion to Profits’ and ‘The Millionaire Workout’ and the successful series with New York Times, ‘The Worst case Scenario Business Survival Guide’ has made him an instant hit amongst fitness lovers. The exceptional products from have gained trust of millions of people. His move to offer franchise and product online to various potential customers worldwide has contributed in making his business such a huge success.      

3. John Spencer Ellis

The specialized educational, coaching and training programs from John Spencer Ellis have made him the superstar of fitness industry. One of the best personal training companies online,  was launched in the first half of 90’s. John Ellis is also the founder of many other fitness ventures such as National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), The Spencer Institute for Life Coaching, MMA Conditioning Association and International Triathlon Coaching.  All his companies are dedicated towards improving the health and personal traininglife of individuals and making them better and healthy. The franchise of first boot camp was introduced by John who instantly made his company successful. The salient features of his success are his programs that are a combination package of psychological studies, motivation, fitness, nutrition and one to one interaction.

4. Fit business insider

Established by Pat Gibsy, Fit business insider in the past few years has reached the topmost rankings in the list of personal training companies. Pat is also the owner of more than dozen businesses related to fitness and sports industry. He is the pioneer behind the franchise Athletic revolution. The company offers marketing and franchise opportunities to everyone interested in turning an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. The main reason of the company's success is it provides coaches, fitness business owners and personal trainers to all its marketers and franchise owners for coaching, consulting, building programs and resources.


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How To Find A Trainer With Top Personal Training Certifications


Learning to put your body into balance and creating harmony throughout your body can be a difficult thing to obtain. With the proper research and the right support there are many activities that will allow for you to reach that perfect state. Harmony and balance within your body are key aspects to having a happy and healthy body.

top personal training certificationsWays of Helping to Develop Total Balance

There are numerous different activities, such as the balance game, that will help you to develop a healthy body and soul from the inside out. Along the way you may need help when trying to obtain perfect harmony in your body so seeking out a personal trainer business that has top personal trainer certifications is an excellent way to get support. Check online or in local gyms to find someone with top personal trainer certifications.

Having Balance Is the Way to Achieve Goals

By not having harmony and balance within your body your health goals would become more difficult. By tuning your body from the inside out you will find that you will have more energy in your life while feeling good about yourself. One way to create the harmony inside your body is to play the balance game.

What Does Balance Stand For?

Essentially the balance game helps you to make sure that seven key components in your life are in harmony with each other. With the help of a personal trainer who has top personal trainer certifications you will be able to get the aspects of B.A.L.A.N.C.E. in harmony easier.

  • The B in balance stands for breathing. Getting in the proper amounts of oxygen at all times will help to enable your body into working together better.

  • The A in balance stands for aqua, or water. If your body is not fully hydrated at all times different aspects of your body will not work together perfectly. By keeping yourself hydrated you can help to create the perfect harmony inside of your body.

  • The L in balance stands for lengthens. If your muscles are still and not flexible in many ways your body will not work together in harmony and often times will cause you pain after a while. By doing stretches and other activities to help lengthen your muscles you will see the pain disappear.

  • The second A in balance stands for anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises are exercises that deal with strength training.

  • The N in balance stands for nutrition. By eating healthy foods and cooking healthy your body will be able to take in all the nutrients and energy that it needs in order to keep going on a daily basis. Harmony cannot be created without the proper nutrition.

  • The C in balance stands for cleansing. Cleansing is essential because there are many toxins and garbage in our bodies that will do harm in the long run, not to mention putting a few pounds on. By using colonics and other mbalance and personal training certificationethods you will be able to help your body get rid of the waste that it doesn’t need.

  • The E in balance stands for energizing. It is essential that you allow your body to get the proper amounts of sleep and relaxation. Once you fully understand what each letter of the word balance means you can put these seven aspects together to create a healthy body. All of these factors need to be working in perfect harmony so that you can work in harmony too. Being balanced is essential to being healthy.

When balancing and tuning your body looking for a personal trainer with top personal trainer certifications can provide help and support for you. If this is more personal then taking the time to put your body back into harmony will aid you in returning back to great health, keeping the stress away, and reaching all of your goals. What could being in balance bring you?


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How To Know Which Personal Training Schools Are Right For You


If you are interested in making a career in personal fitness, you will need to put your research in place and check out the information available on the web on personal training schools. An overload of information will greet you and perhaps confuse you as to which personal training schoolspersonal trainer school will be right. Here’s how you can clear some of the confusion and come to the right decision.

  • You should look for personal training schools that have credibility and whose certifications are commonly recognized. If the certificate is not valid in a particular state then you may have limited your options when looking for a job.

  • The course should be affordable - if it is expensive then you need to look at finance options and see whether you are eligible and how you will pay back the financial assistance you get.

  • The course leading to the certification should teach you the basics, but also goes beyond that, laying the foundation for a personal trainer business which you may carry forward on your own.

  • It should provide some knowledge about the anatomy and the physical part of the human body including basic knowledge about diet and nutrition, which is most important during workouts.

  • If you need to be re-certified from time to time, how easy is it and how do you go about it? How much will it cost to maintain your certificates?

  • What is the basic education required to enroll in the course and do you have the qualifications necessary to do so?

  • How much time does the course take and can you afford to spend that time, particularly if you think you already have some of the attributes necessary to become a personal fitness trainer?

  • Which kind of certificate does the institute offer?

personal training incomeAmong the recognized examining bodies whose certificates carry weight are:

  1. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) offers a certified personal trainer course that needs practical work along with extensive studying.

  1. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) offers personal certification training - study includes workshops and text books.

  1. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers a similar course with lots of study material and also requires CPR/AED certification.

  1. American Council on Exercise (ACE) offers a personal trainer certification which is not too difficult, but you do need the required CPR/AED certification to start with and then you can choose to study further in any area of specialization.

  1. Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) is an online course complemented by text book study. Just because it is online does not mean that it is easy as it requires textbook and practical knowledge.

  1. National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) offers a popular personal trainer certification program for people with knowledge of kinesiology and/or biology.

  1. International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is an easy course as everything is online, including the exam. It is widely recognized and a good bet if you are already well versed in all aspects of physical fitness.

Other institutes include the Cooper Institute, NESTA, NPTI, NFPT, IFPA, NETA, and the US Career Institute. If you have a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology, it gives you added qualifications to become a certified personal personal trainertrainer who is an expert. However, if you are a sporting type and already into physical fitness, you can select the kind of personal training school that will fit in with your knowledge and your goals and choose the right examination for certification.

There are many personal training schools all over the country and, if you live in a location where such a school is not very accessible, you can do an online exam and get certified. You ought to also check with local gyms and see which courses they recommenced (or the trainers there recommend) and visit various forums on the internet to narrow down your research.


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4 Simple Steps To Start Your Personal Training Business


Fitness is a new buzz word these days. With the development of technology, man’s physical activities have reduced considerably and he leads a very sedentary life. This has had far reaching implication on human life and life span.personal training business

The alarming increase in the rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all linked to the sedentary life styles. A study carried by South China Morning Post reveals that lack of physical activity can be seen as the initial cause of one-fifth of death when people aged 35 and above are considered. 45% and 28% increase in risk of getting cancer has been observed for men and women respectively. The increased risk rates were even higher when the cause of death was heart disease (52% for men and 28% for women).

This and other researches lead people to recognizing the importance of working out. If you love working out yourself you might also wish to pursue a career in this industry. One of the most interesting options would be that of a personal trainer career. This can be done alone in the form of coaching or by setting up a training consultancy company. Here are the four key steps to launch your personal training business.

Your first step should be to create a network of potential customers. Obviously, the best place to create a network would be the gym. Working in the gyms as personal trainer gets you to have a one on one relationship with clients and build a bond of trust with them. These are the future clients of your personal trbuilding your personal trainer careeraining business! But before you can walk into the gym, it is important it get the right certifications. There are many personal training certifications, with the most popular being the ones provided by National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

There are several other institutions (e.g. ACSM, NSCF) that issue training certification, but those are usually regarded as less credible.

Once you get the certification, you should move on to the next step: define what kind of customers you prefer to specialize in. A good potential customer would be the "average, highly stressed executive". They have the spending power to invest in their health, many times the success of their professional life depends on the state of their physical condition and they want a dedicated trainer working with them instead of just spending time on a treadmill. These are excellent customers that know exactly what they want.

The third step is to design the programme. This is the core of what would be a key differentiator of your personal trainer business. The most important thing here is to define a series of goals for each specific client. These goals have to be measurable and tangible. Then the construction of the course itself will be much easier and also personal training balanceunderstandable by the client.

The key element in any course is balance. Balance between work out and nutrition, balance between cardio and  muscle work, balance between heavy workouts…But this is not just a word, the abbreviation B.A.L.A.N.C.E. stands for 7 key elements that ensure success in training. Focus on Breathing, and breathing correctly. Then there is Aqua – the importance of water levels. Lengthen/Stretch is next with Anaerobic exercises that concentrate on strength following. Nutrition should be never overlooked as well. Cleansing and Energizing/Meditation complete the list that should drive your program to success among the students. With those 7 things in balance, results will come quickly.

The last but not least step of establishing a successful personal trainer business is to spread the word. Use of client testimonials and word of mouth is truly the most effective way to do this, but there is also online and offline advertising, coupons, brochures etc. A combination of sincere efforts and self marketing and you are all set for a successful personal training business.


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Reading Between The Lines Of A Personal Trainer Bio


Hiring a personal trainer is one of the best things that you can do to change the course of your life significantly. Personal trainers will custom design a workout program meant for you, your body, your goals and your lifestyle. In addition, a personal trainer can give you nutrition and health tips to help compliment your new exercise regime so that you begin to live a life that is healthy, balanced and tailored specifically for you.

personal trainer bioWith the personal trainer business becoming so popular lately, it is important to research personal trainers carefully and thoroughly before you begin. Request a personal trainer bio from every personal trainer whom you interview and spend some time reviewing the bio and reading carefully between the lines before you hire someone.


No person is the same and the true is same of personal trainers. After all, every personal trainer is different in terms of techniques, philosophies and beliefs.

If the personal trainer’s bio does not explain his or her philosophy, underlying belief system behind a healthy lifestyle and the specific techniques that he or she prefers, ask them to provide this information to you. Consider whether these beliefs mesh with your own, as a conflict in a basic belief system will often result in conflict in the personal trainer/client relationship.


Beyond the techniques and philosophies that each personal trainer uses, a trainer should have solid work experience. The bio should include at least three references, from either personal clients or exercise facilities.

Check all references and ask about the experience of working with the personal trainer. Ask questions and be specific. This is a great way to find out how others feel about working with the personal trainer.


The personal trainer bio should also include information about whether or not the personal trainer has certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which means that the trainer has received professional education and training directly related to their personal trainer career. Do not hire a personal trainer without this certification, as this may indicate a reliable personal trainer biolack of important safety and health techniques and concerns.

In addition, it is a good idea to find a personal trainer who is CPR certified, just to be on the safe side.

Living a Balanced Lifestyle

The best kind of personal trainer is one who believes in a balanced lifestyle. While physical exercise is certainly very important, fitness alone will mean little if not incorporated into a life that also includes healthy eating, stretching, strength training and plenty of rest and relaxation as well. The only way to achieve a truly balanced, healthy body is to achieve a balanced, healthy life. Find a personal trainer who can help give you specific techniques and advice on how to improve the healthy balance in your life.

Personal Interaction

Finally, spend some time with the personal trainer and request a free training session to see how you two get along. Your personalities should complement each other and you should feel energized and enthusiastic after the session, not defeated and bewildered.

Again, remember that not all personal trainers will work with all individuals, so spend the time to find the right personal trainer for you, research the personal trainer bio well, and you will reap the benefits for years to come.


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How To Create Your Own Personal Training Websites


One of the best tools available to businesses these days is the internet. Consumers of all kinds use the internet to find out information on just about everything, including their personal trainer and information about working out.

A well-executed website for personal training will attract new clients, appeal to current clients and integrate into the personal trainer’s program, with online videos, tips and even personal personal training websitesjournals for each client.

Here is how to start:

1. Obtain a web domain

The first step is to get a web domain (address) for the website. Search for potential website names online to see if they are taken or not. Remember that the best web addresses are the most instinctual, so it might include the personal trainer’s name or business name. For example - or

There are several domain name registrars available, such as, and Note that registering a domain name does cost money but this is a small price to pay to get an established website.

2. Design the website

The next step once the website is registered is to get the site set up. Again, this is another step in which paying some money is well worth it because a professional, appealing website is essential for any business, including personal training websites. If a website is hard to understand, difficult to navigate or unappealing to look at, clients will not use the site.

Ask friends, family and others in the personal trainer business whom they might recommend to design the website and get plenty of quotes before hiring someone. In addition, ask the web designers for references and look at websipersonal training social mediates that they have created. This is a very easy way to see if the web designer creates attractive and easy to use websites.

3. Build content

The next step in building personal training websites is to add content. There are several important aspects to content for personal training websites:

- About

This information should include information about the personal trainer, such as training experience and certification, personal training philosophies and preferred techniques and contact information.

- References

The website should also include some references from current and former clients so that potential clients have a head start on learning about the personal trainer.

- Tips and FAQ

Everyone loves a little free information, so include some healthy lifestyle tips and information. In addition, include frequently asked questions and answers.

- Client login

If possible, personal training websites should include a special area where clients can log in and see their own personal progress, enter workouts and meals into an online journal, and leave messages for the personal trainer. The more clients can utisocial media fitness networklize the website in their daily life, the more they will feel attached to the program and loyal to the personal trainer.

Remember that a personal training website can be a powerful business tool and an essential part of any personal trainer’s clientele.

4. Photos, Videos and Images

Load the website with plenty of images, including a professional picture of the personal trainer. Other options include pictures showing correct form for various exercises and videos showing workouts and other helpful topics.

5. Blog

Personal trainer websites that include a blog get more hits from the major search engines and garner interest from both current and potential clients. The blog can include daily tips and information about living a healthy lifestyle, working out and commentary on recent health and exercise news.

What about you? Do you have a personal training website yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Get started on building your personal training website now, so that you can earn that personal trainer salary you always dreamed of; doing something that you love!

Post a comment on our blog and discuss with others what makes for a great personal training website.


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Gym Instructor Courses – Keys To Success Beyond Certification

A variety of gym instructor courses are available to meet your interests and needs. In order to succeed beyond certification it is essential that you gym instructor courses.jpgfind the courses that match your long-term professional goals.

Helping others improve their health by becoming a gym instructor is admirable. However, the business aspect of your goal following certification is important. When looking for a gym instructor program keep the following questions in mind.

Which areas of expertise are available among the gym instructor courses? You need to think about what type of physical fitness programs you would like to specialize in. Many training courses are available including kickboxing, aerobics, Pilates, and a personal trainer business.

How convenient is it to enroll in and take the gym instructor courses? Just as one may subscribe to online personal training, some certification courses are also offered via the internet; with international certification programs available, as well. Accreditation is also an important factor to consider when exploring gym instructor courses.  

fitness business success resized 600Does the program offer courses designed to help you set up and manage a fitness business after receiving certification? If you are interested in becoming a health club manager or starting your own business you will need to learn about the business side of exercise and fitness programs so that you can be successful.

If you choose to work for someone else after completing your gym instructor program, consider working for the public school system.  School systems offer some level of job security for gym instructors, and after gaining experience you may decide to give your own business a try.

The health and fitness industry is continuing to grow and there are many opportunities for a great future in the field. The question is, “What are your long-term goals after completing your gym instructor certification requirements?”


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Have A Personal Trainer Career That Pays!


Personal training is a burgeoning career field that does not require very fancy qualifications, long hours of study and burning the midnight oil. A fitness course which certifies you as a personal trainer will stand you in good stead and put you on course to earn handsomely.

personal trainer careerWorking as a personal trainer

If you consider a personal trainer career, you have many career opportunities. You can get a job at a

  • Gym

  • Club

  • Fitness center

  • Health club

  • Athletic center

  • Retirement or other residential facility

  • Corporate office

You might rather start your own studio and hold classes. You can work from home and go to clients’ homes, as well; the opportunities being endless.

Personal trainer career certification

Apart from the fact that you need to be physically fit yourself and have an interest in the fitness industry, in diet and health, you also need to be certified to have some credibility. There are thousands of institutes which offer personal trainer career certification. Some of the ones which are reputable are

personal trainer salaryAs you start working, you will find that it will help you a great deal if you develop a core speciality and concentrate on that. This of course depends on the area where you live and the kind of work you want to do.

The monies involved

Salaries in the California area are the highest currently. If you work on your own you can make from as little as $20 to as much as $150 an hour, seeing private clients. As a celebrity fitness trainer you can pretty much name your own price. And if you want to earn big money, you can have your own fitness studios and market franchises – so the potential earning for a personal trainer career is immense.

While working in California may be out of the realm of your personal trainer career path, salaries are still quite comprable in larger cities, or hubs, such as Atlanta. So earning big money is still a realistic goal and expectation. 

If you are truly self motivated, into physical fitness, love to interact with people and want to help people become fit and healthy, you should consider a personal trainer career. Do you think you have the qualities to become successful in the personal trainer business?


THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

Personal Trainer Websites That Boost Your Training Knowledge


The personal trainer business is all about self-improvement. Personal trainers should practice self-improvement as well through ongoing education. Knowing the best personal trainer personal trainer websiteswebsites to visit regularly to keep up on trends, stay on top of health news and expand your training knowledge is a great way to further your own personal training know how. Here are five personal trainer websites that can boost your training knowledge.

LIVESTRONG is affiliated with Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG Foundation. This website seeks to empower people through food, fitness and inspiration. You can find articles on nutrition, success stories and useful tools like creating and sharing exercise routes with friends.


This website also shares articles and tools for staying healthy along with some useful tools like weight loss and body fat calculators. The creators of FitWatch started the site to bring together fitness, nutrition, information and support forums into one easy to use site.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
This is the website for one certification option for personal trainers. But, in addition to helping you get certified, the AFAA site also has links to ongoing education in personal fitness and the latest industry news. Keeping up with trends, news and certifications will help you be the best personal trainer you can be.

computer health balanceNational Academy of Sports Medicine
Like the AFAA site, the NASM site does offer information about personal trainer certification but with more of a focus on sports and athlete training and injury prevention. NASM also hosts numerous workshops throughout the year all over the country where you have the opportunity to grow as a trainer and network with other personal trainers.

Mayo Clinic
This well-respected medical institution also has a top-notch health website that unlike other medical sites, won't have you or your clients feeling like you've come down with a rare disease. The Mayo Clinic website provides research-based articles and helpful advice on everything from stress management to smoking cessation.

As you strive to help your clients find their best selves, don't forget to better yourself. Partake in some online personal training for the personal trainer. Check out these personal trainer websites and share your favorite site with us.  


THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

Health and Fitness Jobs – A Wealth of Opportunity!


While many jobs are affected by the recession, one area that continues to grow as America works to become healthier is in health and fitness jobs. Individuals considering a career in fitness will find a wealth of opportunityand personal satisfaction helping others determine and reach their goals.

health and fitness jobsPersonal Trainer

One of the most rewarding careers in health and fitness jobs is that of a personal trainer, as you get to work on a long-term basis with an individual, helping them figure out what they need to get in shape and then assist them in accomplishing that goal. The personal trainer business provides positions at recreation centers, gyms, fitness centers or as a free lance position; on your own.

Sports Performance Manager

A lesser-known of health and fitness jobs is that of a sports performance manager, who oversees the health care and fitness program for an athlete. This may be a professional athlete or simply someone who wants to combine their health, nutrition and fitness to reach personal goals. A sports performance manager should have certification as an athletic trainer with knowledge about nutrition and basic health care.

Group Fitness Instructor

Most of us have tried or even attend a group fitness class on a regular basis. Group fitness classes are available for many different types of activities, from yoga to aerobics and even newer fitness trends such as wellness opportunityZumba or kickboxing. A fitness coach often has training on how to guide and lead group classes and can find work in many different places, such as a gym, spa, school, cruise ship or even working with a personal trainer.

Training and Certification

Although there are many potential fitness careers, almost all of them require at least some specific education and training. Consider pursuing your bachelors or associates degree in fitness, health or nutrition, as well as certification in personal training, group fitness training and nutrition. You will also need to obtain and maintain CPR certification to hold a position as fitness professional. Many people find that some personal guidance as they navigate the world of fitness is of great benefit.

Game Day Technology

There are many fitness career fields but getting there requires some guidance and training. For more information, contact Day Adeogba. Day created the Game Day Technology, which turns fitness and health into a competitive game for athletes of all kinds. Contact Day for more information about your fitness career.


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